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how to make a tack bra - owned_slave

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January 9th, 2007

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11:12 pm - how to make a tack bra
a few people really liked the idea of a tack bra n were asking me how i made it.
i actually read abt it on someone's blog and blogger had explained how she made it. this is not exactly what i did but u can choose which method u like.

she took 4 peices of leather and cut them to fit the cup of her bra. she stuck all her tacks into 2 of the leather pieces. she then covered the tack heads with the remaining 2 peices of leather n stitched around the edge. so now there are only 2 pieces of leather n the tack heads are covered. then she placed these 2 peices in her bra cup and attached it with velcro. u can even attach it with press buttons of hook buttons or even fabric glue. she used a padded bra which was a size large for her.

now in my case i didnt hv any leather available. nor did i want to ruin a bra or buy a special bra. so this is what i did.

i cut up an old pair of socks and made two peices to fit into my bra cup. then i bought a dish washing scrub ( its the green scrub which is rough and thick) mine was a bit two thick so i sliced it to make it thinner with a knife. any time i wanna wear the tack bra i simply push the tacks into the sock peices. then i cover the tack heads with the green scrub. i place the entire thing over my breast and then put on my bra.
if u dnt wanna cut up a sock u can use any thick or stiff material which wont let the tacks slip out.

the tacks i use are not tht sharp and dnt break the skin. master has pushed at them n squeezed my boobs a lot but never has any blood flown out. but i do get these small little scabs after wearing it. nothing too bad.

master is still out of town n he might be out for longer than planned :'(

i miss u master (sob)
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Date:January 9th, 2007 10:41 pm (UTC)
Ahh, this explains a lot. I was thinking of the tacks I use to hang up stuff that would totally draw blood if pressed against flesh. It was making my tits hurt just reading about it! XD
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Date:January 10th, 2007 11:57 pm (UTC)
very kewl, thanks for the info. As for the vampier gloves I mentioned, they are gloves that have tacks pressed thru them so when you grab onto someone using them you get multiple pin pricks pushed into your skin, very similar to the bra.
Date:July 12th, 2008 07:36 am (UTC)
Innovative. I am a new sub and I can't really deal with much pain righ tnow, but I already feel my tolerance increasing slightly. Will have to tell Master about this. Thanks!

My Master is out of the country right now and I miss him terribly too. *hugs*

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